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Who We Are

Message from the CEO


It was not easy nor a good luck factor to open the doors of our company 20 years ago when we started the sale and maintenance of money counter machine for financial institutions. With that in mind I initiated as businessman and our company name Caribe Money System Corp. was born. We saw that the market that we were looking after was evolving rapidly and it was necessary to evolve with it, so we introduced new brands and products.

With immediate results in 2002, we made the decision to change our name to one that will represent our products and the services we already were offering, then Caribe System Corp. became EMSystems Group Corp.

Without any doubt over the years, EMSystems Group has known how to respond to the challenges of the market. Stability, strength and confidence has been always our north and our customers our reason to be. 

Thank you!

Our Company

Since 1993, EMSystems Group has been able to identify the needs of it's clients, achieving solid and recognized brand products contributing to their operational success.

EMSystems Group is a 100% Puerto Rican Company. It's been more than 20 years of overcomed challenges as we provide leading edge products and solutions for the banking, government and health industries. We have strived to provide solutions considering the public our customers attend, maintaining the operational excellence. 

We promote a "Client Centered" Culture, our products protect and promote safety to clients and their assets.



To serve and offer functional solutions of high technology that would ad value and facilitate the operation and service that our customers offer.



To serve as an essential element for the development and implementation of services which would allow growth and success to our company, exceeding constantly our expectations.

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